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The Howling 3: The Lost Cause

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The Howling 3: The Lost Cause

New postby JohnCarpenterfan » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:54 am

This was going to be another entry in the Good Werewolf Movies Gone Bad series but I honostly can't do that. This movie wasn't a good werewolf movie gone bad it was a bad werewolf movie that got worse. I understand that after the awesome powerhouse of The Howling and it being followed up by the lesser sequel Howling 2 that the third movie should try and take an original take on the material. Boy did it. We don't get werewolf orgies in this one or killers turning into werewolves in porn stores oh no. We get: Werewolf Kangaroos. You read that right. Werewolf Kangaroos which I guess you really couldn't call it a werewolf but a wereroo? Maybe this one was made for laughs (one can hope) but it certainly did not make anyone forget why The Howling was the superior film. Enough comparisons, what was it about. It seems a tribe living in the outback town of Flow (Wolf spelled backwards get it. Gotta love the 80's) preys to a wolf like god named the large one. One woman in the tribe, Jerboah, dreams of a better life outside of the tribe. So she ventures out and becomes an actress in a horror movie. A werewolf horror movie. It seems though that whenever there is a flashing strobe light effect from a strobe or from camera flashes she turnes into a werewolf. That is all the further into the film I am going to go. But rest assured by the end of the picture there are werewolf nuns, a Russian ballerina that turns into a werewolf, and a werewolf with a kangaroo pouch. And who will save the day? Barry Otto who played Shakes in the Dolph Lundgren film The Punisher! It isn't very surprising that after this one tanked the makers of The Howling series took it back to it's full moon fanged monster and this film was never mentioned in the series again. It seems to be the black sheep of the family. I did find The Howling 2 to be better than this film but only because of Christopher Lee being in it. Check this one out if you are mearly curious about it or want to have a few yucks but for the love of god don't take it seriously. To be fair I give this one:
** out of ***** :slasher:
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