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'A Serbian Film' Will Finally Be Arriving To DVD "Uncut" This May!

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Discussion of current and upcoming DVD or Blu-ray releases, technical specifications only. Film discussion itself should be saved for the correct category.

'A Serbian Film' Will Finally Be Arriving To DVD "Uncut" This May!

New postby Brian Massey » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:10 pm

Sickos, degenerates and lovers of filth, some good news has just sailed in regarding the DVD release of the uncut version of A Serbian Film. Check out all the details below:

Invincible Pictures has just announced plans today to release an uncut version of the provocative movie A SERBIAN FILM digitally on FlixFling and on limited edition DVD. This marks the film's first official uncut release in North America.


A SERBIAN FILM, which has faced scrutiny and criticism worldwide, was released by Invincible in theaters, digitally and on DVD/Blu-ray last year. All previously released versions by Invincible have been cut due to legal challenges surrounding the film.

The most serious of which were charges brought against Angel Sala, Director of Spain's Sitges Film Festival. Sala was charged with exhibition of child pornography after a screening of A SERBIAN FILM during the 2010 festival. All charges against Sala were dropped in February.

Previous to these allegations, Invincible had planned to release the film uncut, but decided to instead release a cut version until an outcome in this case had been determined.

"Of course we would have preferred an uncut release last year," says Invincible Pictures' CEO Tom Ashley. "Unfortunately, the charges brought against Mr. Sala were something we had to seriously factor into that release. Now that those charges have been dropped, we can bring A SERBIAN FILM to its fans as its director had intended.'

The uncut version of A SERBIAN FILM will be available for purchase on FlixFling starting May 1st. The limited edition DVD will be released May 22nd and will be available for pre-order HERE. Unfortunately there is no mention if the uncut version will be available on Blu-ray format. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Source: Invincible pIctures
Brian Massey
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Re: 'A Serbian Film' Will Finally Be Arriving To DVD "Uncut" This May!

New postby TheSkeletonCrew » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:13 pm

lol that was sick, dont think Id wanna see it twice and add it to my collection LMAO
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