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HorrorBid Goes Inside THE WALKING DEAD - CGI Zombies, Visual Effect Tricks & More!

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HBO, Showtime, SyFy, FearNet, Chiller, AMC and the list goes on and on. What horror related shows do you watch and love?

HorrorBid Goes Inside THE WALKING DEAD - CGI Zombies, Visual Effect Tricks & More!

New postby BooMan » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:24 pm


CGI has become so commonplace in movies and TV shows now, that at times you don’t even notice them. That was the case in the season finale of AMC's smash hit THE WALKING DEAD. Yes, you probably didn't notice it either but most of the "walkers" on the finale were indeed created by the use of computer animation. Something that is usually saved for big budget movies is now finding its way onto the small screen.

Check out the video below with THE WALKING DEAD'S visual effects supervisor Victor Scalise and look for THE WALKING DEAD: Season 3 to hit everywhere this fall, except maybe DishNetwork, yep sorry Dish subscribers. More on that as it breaks.

Source: YouTube
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