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Gory Horror Continues It's Sweep on Primetime: The River

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HBO, Showtime, SyFy, FearNet, Chiller, AMC and the list goes on and on. What horror related shows do you watch and love?

Gory Horror Continues It's Sweep on Primetime: The River

New postby themorguethemerrier » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:48 pm

AMC's The Walking Dead, FX's American Horror Story, and now ABC has plunged itself into the evergrowing and immensely popular genre that is arguably changing television (Next year The Walking Dead will break through the cable television limit of 13 episodes to 16). From the elaborately minded Oren Peli and co-producer Steven Spielberg comes a story that takes place from the ever enigmatic Amazon.


I didn't hear about this show at first, which premiers February 7, on its eight episode run, but when I first saw the trailers a very strange found footage style adventure into the unknown peaked my curiousity. I started to seriously wonder where this show is going to take me. It first reminded me of a book Amazonia by James Rollins, which tells of a man who leads a scientific expedition into the amazon never to return. A team goes in and encounters many paranormal happenings, which is essentially the premise for this show. TV this year has been pumping out a lot of quality, so much that the real creative thinkers and writers can only do what they do in TV with the creative edge and tenacity to make things more compelling.

Oren Peli has re-invented the scary film with the Paranormal Activity franchise, he really has my attention with a TV series that is critically praised and is sure to deliver on the thrills on a weekly basis. I guess my only concern really is that I hope the show sticks around a lot longer than eight episodes so we can truly see where it takes us. I'll be joining those across the world this Tuesday for another journey into the unknown. One things for sure, TV and the horrorfan are in for something new and that's a treat. Keep the screams a comin.'

Anyone who likes/interested in this show please share & thanks!

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