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DEADPOOL Finally Gets Director...SWEET!

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DEADPOOL Finally Gets Director...SWEET!

New postby Stilesp1985 » Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:08 pm

That's right folks, Deadpool is a go and the director will be, drum roll please ..........Tim Miller (crickets chirp)? What's that, you never heard of him? Well, me either. That's because this is his first feature film. He only has two shorts and one doc under his belt. The movie's script is still in development but, here is what I found on IMDB. Deadpool will be based around the character of Wade Wilson, a mercenary with terminal cancer who undergoes military experiments in an attempt to replicate Wolverine's mutant healing factor. The results are mixed as Wilson's ability to regenerate is greatly increased (mimicking the abilities of Wolverine) but his mind is fundamentally fractured, leading to his multiple personalities and ability to break the fourth wall of narrative within storytelling. Similarly his skin is ridden with blisters and sores as a bi-product of his massively accelerated healing factor. He eventually leaves the Weapon X program and becomes a mercenary for hire, earning himself the pseudonym; "The Merc with a Mouth".

Now I know what your thinking, "what does this have to do with horror?". Well, does it matter? It's Deadpool, that's just badassness all the way. I,for one,can't wait to see this. Its being toted with a release date of 2014, but that could change. And yes, Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role. That leaves the question, which will be better 'Green Lantern' or 'Deadpool'? Let's hear it.

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