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PLAN 9 Remake is Now a Wrap

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PLAN 9 Remake is Now a Wrap

New postby Stilesp1985 » Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:20 am

Who here remembers when Plan 9 From Outer Space came out? Probably no one,unless your a 90 yr. old Bidite. But I'm sure everyone has seen this movie at least once. If you haven't, then here's a brief over view. Its the worst horror/sci-fi movie ever made, but that's what makes it a classic.

The plot is simple, but the story line is all over the place. Bela Lugosi shows up out of right field dressed as Dracula, then disappears just as quick as he showed up (in his defense he died during this movie). It was written and directed by Ed Wood.

Now 50 years, yes 50, it is being remade and titled Plan 9. I haven't found many remakes that I like, but there are a few. That's why I give everything a shot, but this one will most likely be better than the original. From what I have seen from the teaser I'm impressed. It has zombies, aliens, some good FX, and a solid story. I wish these guys the best of luck for tackling this project and now I'm just waiting on the release date.

Here's the trailer and the poster for ya:

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Re: PLAN 9 Remake is Now a Wrap

New postby Sephit » Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:44 am

This doesn't look half bad and plus James Rolfe(, AVGN) is suppose to come out in it so that gives me another reason to watch it.
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Re: PLAN 9 Remake is Now a Wrap

New postby FamilyProperty » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:57 am

Hey, I am Derek Young. I had an interview on the forum's Rabbit In Red Radio. I brought on a mystery guest and had a great time. I thought I'd let you know that so you'd know who I was when I said the P9 remake will be awesome. I was on set during shooting and my friend John Johnson from Darkstone Entertainment is an amazing director and has a great vision for the film. He went about shooting this in memory of Ed Wood so he took it as serious as Ed. The coolest thing is I got to play one of the zombies so I hope you all enjoy and remember help keep great films alive.
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