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Tuesday Knight Has Fought Freddy, Is Chucky Next?

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Tuesday Knight Has Fought Freddy, Is Chucky Next?

New postby dakotathomas » Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:18 pm

A few days ago I reported that A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master star Tuesday Knight took to her Facebook page expressing an interest in being in the new Child's Play film, Curse of Chucky. This was on the heels of Movie Hole reporting the news that Universal Home Entertainment was devoloping the film with series creator Don Mancini, who will be producing, writing and directing.

Knight's comment quickly gained momentum amongst fans and within a matter of hours a fan page dedicated to Elm Street alumna being in the film was created (link at the bottom of the article). The overall goal for the page is to get as many LIKES as possible. The hopes is Don Mancini himself will take notice and consider casting Tuesday in the film.

I had a chance to ask Tuesday a few questions about her interest in film:

Are you a fan of the Child's Play franchise?
Tuesday: Who isn't a fan of the films? I have seen a lot of "doll" films like Dolly Dearest, Pinnochio's Revenge and so on, but nobody does it like Chucky.

Why are you interested in being in the next film?
Tuesday: It was just a tought I put out there, I never thought people would respond the way they are. I have had my short at Freddy, why not Chucky?

What do you think you could bring to the role (whatever role in the film that would be)?
Tuesday: I would bring myself to the role. I would hope to keep the fans as happy as they are with all the other films from the franchise.

Since Elm Street 4 you've stayed away from horror films and done a wide range of other genres, do you think this is the project to get you back into horror? If so, why?
Tuesday: My career just went that way, I did a lot of comedy and drama, but I never intentially stayed away from horror. I know a lot of people think that, but it's not true. I am a really big horror fan and I have been looking for the right horror film to do. I think this would be a good one.

Are you scared of dolls?
Tuesday: Dolls are always scary, but I love them.

Do you think you could beat Chucky?
Tuesday: I didn't know. I didn't stand a chance against Krueger.

Could you see yourself being the new Bride of Chucky?
Tuesday: No, they've already done that. I could see myself playing a role similar to Kathering Hicks [Annie, Child's Play]. She was amazing in the first film, and I would love to take the role of the distressed mother.

I want to thank Tuesday Knight for taking the time to answer the above questions.

Tuesday Knight for the new Chucky movie Facebook page:!/TuesdayKnigh ... huckyMovie

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