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"Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus" Blu-ray Set Details Leak Online

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All breaking horror news and rumors for the month of July, 2012

"Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus" Blu-ray Set Details Leak Online

New postby sinful Celluloid » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:30 am


A Prometheus Blu-ray listing on Amazon France has detailed an extensive set of extras. The initial listing, for a nine-disc Blu-ray set titled "Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus", gave a complete breakdown of every discs contents. The description has since been removed , but the details were already out.

Assuming the description is correct, after all, it's still early enough for final changes, most of the extras will be available on the Prometheus 2D disc set.

15 minutes worth of deleted scenes
first and final drafts of the script,
all of the viral videos
iPad screen app which will function as a Blu-ray remote and give access to "the archives of Peter Weyland" (60 minutes) long.
Prometheus 3D disc
150 minutes worth of bonus material as well as the aforementioned Peter Weyland archives.
The other six discs appear to be from the Alien Anthology Blu-ray set.
Space Jockey figurine.

"Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus" will arrive in a collector's boxset from Amazon France in October and is currently available for pre-orders at €99.98 (about $123)

I'll definitely keep an eye out for more info.
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