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"Creepy" San Diego Comic Con News

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All breaking horror news and rumors for the month of July, 2012

"Creepy" San Diego Comic Con News

New postby sinful Celluloid » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:33 pm


The past couple years have seen a bit of a boom as far as classic horror is concerned. Whether it's the Universal Monsters toy line and upcoming online video-game (Read about it here) or the original Warren magazine Vampirella series coming out in a hardback archive collection, everything old is new again.

San Diego comic con 2012 now brings us the best news yet, creepy news that is. Director Christopher Columbus, who helmed the first two Harry Potter films, is producing a four-part anthology film based on the classic Warren magazine that holds such a special place in our hearts.


“I am thrilled to be immersed once again in the world of CREEPY and EERIE,” Columbus said in a statement. “They featured some of the most important comic book artists of the time and were incredibly influential in my desire to become a filmmaker. It is really exciting to have the opportunity to bring these unique tales to the screen and share them with today’s audiences.”

The Brauns, who have been struggling to find a way to exploit the brand name are very pleased with their partnership with Columbus. “We have always been fans of Anthology horror films such as the Trilogy of Terror and Tales from the Crypt and it has been our goal to figure out a way to make a great CREEPY anthology,” they said. “Chris and Michael and their team at 1492 are the perfect partners to bring this to life.”


I for one, am extremely thrilled, having a serious love of the anthology horror film, it will be good to get that feeling back. Previously, the excellent film Trick R Treat attempted to revive the sub-genre, falling prey to the usual studio politics. Hopefully you with a heavyweight name like Columbus behind the project, the film will not only see the light of her darkened theater, but will burn in the hearts of fans and revive this shamefully lost art form.
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