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The Dark Tower Close To Being Greenlit, Russell Crowe Now In Talks To Star As Deschain

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All breaking horror news and rumors for the month of August, 2012

The Dark Tower Close To Being Greenlit, Russell Crowe Now In Talks To Star As Deschain

New postby Brian Massey » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:22 pm

Limbo by definition is a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date. And when I think of limbo, the big screen adaption for Stephen King's mammoth novel The Dark Tower quickly comes to mind. But now from Deadline comes a bit of uplifting news, and things are quickly starting to look a little more optimistic for the long awaited Western.


According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is receiving a new script from Akiva Goldsman for the first installment of The Dark Tower, and that within two weeks, the studio will be making a decision on whether to green light the first leg of one of the most daring and ambitious projects to come along since The Lord Of The Rings.

Wait there's more! Javier Bardem is no longer in the mix as gunslinger Roland Deschain. Deadline reports that director Ron Howard and producers Brian Grazer and Goldsman have been talking with thesp Russell Crowe about playing the gunslinger. While there is no deal with Crowe, that is the star that Warner Bros will be evaluating as the studio decides on whether to take a leap on a nine-volume book that has a huge following, with Howard, King and their partners planning a multi-platform presentation that could be unforgettable. The story will be told through three films and two limited run TV series.

If Crowe stepped up as the gunslinger, it would certainly help the project. Hopefully we'll soon have the answer if that regurgence takes him into an Old West fantasy, courtesy of what King has called his answer to JRR Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

The Dark Tower tells the story of the last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, with Deschain becoming humanity’s last hope to save civilization as he hits the road to find the Dark Tower. Along the way, he encounters characters, good and bad, in a world that has an Old West feel.

Stay tuned for more on this breaking story.

Source: Deadline
Brian Massey
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Re: The Dark Tower Close To Being Greenlit, Russell Crowe Now In Talks To Star As Deschain

New postby Jonny Sicko » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:46 pm

I'm huge fan of the Dark Tower. For some reason, Bardem fits my mental image of the gunslinger, but I think Crowe could pull it off too. Wish they'd just start filling this already!!
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Jonny Sicko
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Re: The Dark Tower Close To Being Greenlit, Russell Crowe Now In Talks To Star As Deschain

New postby kizzle » Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:34 am

Im almost finished with book 3. I hope this is the harry potter of scfi/horror! Lol. I always thought Viggo Mortenson (sp?) would be good. I have no god damn clue why either. His image always comes to my head when i picture Roland lol. I just hope they dont fuck it up or Russel Crowe or another major character drops out after the 1st film and gets replaced.
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