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Forsythe, Guinn and Neal Added to Texas Frightmare Weekend-May 4-6

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Forsythe, Guinn and Neal Added to Texas Frightmare Weekend-May 4-6

New postby TxFrightmare » Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:44 pm

TWO Chainsaw Guests Added!


It goes without saying...but the saw is family in Texas. Please join us in welcoming Ed Guinn to his first EVER convention appearance at Texas Frightmare Weekend!Ed's character was responsible for offing "The Hitchiker" at the end of one of the most iconic films in genre history....Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Long MIA from the convention scene, Ed told us that, "I never thought anyone would be interested in my appearance." Sir....we love TCM and can't wait to meet you!


We're also excited to welcome Ed Neal back to TFW. His portrayal of the mentally unstable, murderous cannibal "Hitch-hiker" stands as one of the most memorable characters in the genre.Ed Neal and Ed Guinn join previously announced Gunnar Hansen for a mini Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion. ONLY at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012!

William Forsythe Joins TFW 2012!


We're excited to welcome William Forsythe fresh off his recurring role as Manny Horvitz on the acclaimed, Prohibition-era gangsterdrama Boardwalk Empire. Forsythe has appeared in The Devil's Rejects, Halloween, The Rock, Raising Arizona and more.

For tickets and info please visit
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