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Even More News On HALLOWEEN 3D & HELLRAISER From Todd Farmer

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Even More News On HALLOWEEN 3D & HELLRAISER From Todd Farmer

New postby BooMan » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:29 pm


Although this is not the groundbreaking news we got a week ago, it is still interesting to see what is developing on the H3D and HELLRAISER remake front. Thanks to our friends at and a brief interview with writer Todd Farmer, we get a further snippet of updates on both films.

What we do know is HELLRAISER is not going to be done by director Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. Also, the script the Lussier and Farmer wrote for HALLOWEEN 3D is now officially not going to be used as The Weinstern's are looking to completely movie away from the Rob Zombie storyline. Will Lussier and Farmer be involved with H3D? It doesn't appear so according to the interview but anything is possible.

When asked about the future of Lussier and Farmer on the HELLRAISER remake that reported on last week, Farmer had this to say:

"Lussier and I are no longer attached to Hellraiser… We pitched, sold and wrote a take, then we developed a couple additional approaches. In the end we never fully connected creatively. Nothing wrong with that. Happens all the time. We wish Hellraiser and TWC the very best and look forward to what they come up with."

He went on to discuss discussions or lack there of with Clive Barker:

"We had no contact with Clive. Not through normal channels anyway. Patrick and I both love the original and had no intention of ever “remaking” it. What we pitched was a franchise reboot that existed in the world Clive created. My only access to Clive was through Twitter thus I tweeted him a few times but never heard back. Understandably. He is an icon with an army of followers and I’m me."

As for HALLOWEEN 3D, we get a bit more info on what exactly is going on and whether the duo will still be involved:

"It’s possible. Since the franchise will likely no longer be following ZH2 that means the script we wrote is out. Shame. Really liked that script. But the company has been hearing ideas. We’ve been talking with Malek (Producer) and have a take prepared. Patrick and I even fine tuned some ideas this morning and will talk to Malek this week."

To read the entire interview check out by following this link: ... loween-3d/
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Re: Even More News On HALLOWEEN 3D & HELLRAISER From Todd Farmer

New postby phantom shadow » Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:09 am

i have been following the news about the "new" hellraiser and i got the chance to see it and i gotta say that i am pissed!!!!!
1. hellraiser will never be the same without doug bradley.
2. if you havent seen it yet, don't waste your time on it.
3. clive barker should have done this for it would have turned out alot better.
I will be keeping an eye on alot of your posts and forums justin, not as an enemy but as another person that has a love for great movies....... keep up the good job.....
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