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For new, unpublished writers

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From the classic era to the very latest of today's horror movies. This area is dedicated for horror movie discussion of all kind.

For new, unpublished writers

New postby Jonny Sicko » Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:34 am

Greetings all!

I thought this might be useful for current unpublished writers of all various genres wanting another avenue to be spotted for possible publication. I'm friends with several published writers, all of which have gotten their start to publication through winning contests at this site:

This is in no way an advertisement, and I do not work for Glimmertrain, and am not looking to take away anything from this site. I just figured if anyone was interested, to give it a look. They have monthly contests and award prizes. Many of the stories submitted are of the Horror genre. I've submitted stories to them myself, and they do provide feedback, critiques, and general pointers to improving your prose. They do require a submission fee, which is the only downside. But several writing talent agencies have used Glimmertrain to find up and coming new talent.

Keep on writing! It's good for the soul!
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