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Exclusive: Boondock Saints 3: "The Script is Being Written"

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All breaking horror news and rumors for the month of March, 2012

Exclusive: Boondock Saints 3: "The Script is Being Written"

New postby NatBrehmer » Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:22 pm

At HorrorHound Weekend in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Norman Reedus for the second time. When my friend and I were talking to him, briefly (due to his enormous line) he did let it slip that the script for Boondock Saints 3 (possibly titled Boondock Saints: Trinity) is currently being written. He obviously could not say much more, but this is interesting news as I have not heard elsewhere that the script was in active development, only talks.


Recently, Troy Duffy and Boondock Saints co-star Sean Patrick Flanery have been talking about the idea of a Boondock Saints TV series. Duffy stated in an interview that it has remained as something he would like to do, but development on that project has not started, and Duffy has promised it would not rule out a third film at some point in the future. However, development of the third film would make the most sense at this point, as a television series would be impossible to synch up with Reedus's busy schedule on AMC's The Walking Dead.

There is also a Boondock Saints video game due for release later this year, featuring the involvement of creator Troy Duffy as well as the voices of Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and David Della Rocco.

The second film certainly set up a potentially very exciting trilogy-ender. While a TV series remains an interesting prospect, development of the third film is news that can't be ignored, although a script does not mean it is in development as of yet, and there is still no news on when the film will be greenlit. Still this is progress that cannot be ignored.

So, how about it? Are fans ready for a third and potentially final film? Or a TV series? Which would people rather see? Sound off in the comments.

Troy Duffy interview:
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