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Kane Hodder Talks Hatchet III, Danielle Harris Will Be Back!!!

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All breaking horror news and rumors for the month of April, 2012

Kane Hodder Talks Hatchet III, Danielle Harris Will Be Back!!!

New postby Brian Massey » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:03 pm

Everyone's favorite Badass of horror, recently had the opportunity to talk with Fangoria about what's on the horizon for the actor, stuntman, and recent author, and you just had to know he was gonna dish on Hatchet III before the interview was over...


Having already portrayed Victor Crowley twice in the first two installments of the Hatchet franchise, Kane Hodder will once again reprise his role as the deformed slasher for a third time in HATCHET III, but this time it'll be first-time director BJ McDonnell who helms the project. "He was one of the camera operators on the first two HATCHET movies," Hodder explains. "He was the Steadicam guy—he shot the 360-degree kill of the ripping of the head—so he’s been involved with these films from the beginning. And Adam [Green] is gonna be there practically every day, so it’ll still be pretty much his movie."


At the time of this interview, Hodder added, "I don't have the script yet; I don't even know the story yet. Adam really keeps everything under wraps until the last second. But he tells me Victor’s gonna be more violent than ever. It’s hard to top what we’ve done before, but… And Danielle [Harris] is back, which is great. We’re gonna shoot the whole thing in New Orleans this time, instead of most of it in LA and going down to New Orleans for one or two days to get Mardi Gras stuff, and I can’t wait.” He further revealed that the man transforming him into Crowley will be the same as on HATCHET II: "Robert Pendergraft worked for [John Carl] Buechler on the first one, and then he did the second one himself, and now he’s doing the third one."


Hodder also reunited recently with the HATCHET films’ Reverend Zombie, Tony Todd, in Joe Hollow’s CUT. “That’s a pretty interesting story, and I think it’s gonna come out well,” Hodder says. “Tony and I play friends who are in a penitentiary together. Joe let Tony and I write our own backstory and our dialogue, so we came up with a whole history of how we became friends. Even more importantly, the dialogue was cool for me, because I wrote and performed a monologue sitting in my cell, talking to Tony—who’s in the next cell, so we can’t see each other—describing a fictional version of how I got burned, and how f**ked up it is, and how hard it makes life sometimes. A couple of people were crying just listening to it, because although it was a fictional version [of what happened], a lot of it I made true, about the emotions and stuff. So I’m looking forward to that.”

In addition, Hodder will be appearing in the web series THE KILLER AND I, based on the companion book to his autobiography UNMASKED.

Source: Fangoria
Brian Massey
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Re: Kane Hodder Talks Hatchet III, Danielle Harris Will Be Back!!!

New postby Boisv » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:18 pm

I would actually pay Adam Green to stop making movies.

If Ti West is the pinnacle of modern horror right now, Adam Green is the absolute low point.

Oldschool American horror my ass. Green doesn't have a clue what old school American horror is. I'm actually sorry to see Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris get involved with this crap.
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