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Rob Zombie's Halloween II

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Share your opinion with the world in this area as horror films get dissected by the fans who love them.

Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II

New postby Johnny Bisco » Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:34 am

Evan i think you know where im coming from, im not entirely on the anti rob train

i just want to see ONE just ONE movie from him without his wife in it

she was fine in HO1C and TDJ, she worked in those quite well and they were very good, but when you start seeing her in all his movies where she doesnt fit it starts to drive you nuts

maybe if she could land a movie thats made by someone else where rob has ZERO involvement i might take her more seriously

i enjoyed HO1C and TDJ a lot i really did

i was upset halloween got remade

his halloween wasnt horrible it was for the most part pretty good, were there aspects i didnt like? sure, there always is in a lot of movies, most movies arent perfect

ill watch rzs halloween before i watch H5 or H8 (there i said it somewhere theres a few people laughing i admitted that lol)

but ill watch H5 or H8 before his H2 (well except my cut of it)
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Johnny Bisco
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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II

New postby ny ghoul » Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:54 am man, I hope I wasn't coming across like a prick lol. I just think that every couple of years horror (music scenes are the same way) has its hero and its whipping boy and right now RZ is tied to the whipping post. Many times a bit unfairly.
Ive seen so many attacks on his writing, his directing, his actor if mainstream horrors in recent years have been classic level.

Anyway, like i said, I respect anyones opinion and I agree that Halloween never needed to be remade. My only point was that being that it WAS remade, Im glad Rob put his own new slant to the character. What good would it have been if he did thr EXACT same thing that JC offered up?
I dont have a problem with Myers being the size of Frankenstein. To me its intimidating, RZ Myers was a psychopathic juggernaut. Mystical? no. "The Shape"? no...but a human mind gone very wrong? yes. And to me thats frightening.

As for Mrs. Z? I agree Rob needs to leave her out of his next film lol.

btw John, I need a no horse shit edition copy!
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ny ghoul
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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II

New postby allthingsundead » Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:42 pm

ny ghoul, thats why I was trying to clarify things. I felt like maybe I was being a bit pricky. lol.... I do respect Zombie for house and Rejects. He did his best at Halloween and in my opinion failed on a lot of things. I do like the score he did though. I got to hear him sample the score at a concert here before the movie ever came out. Was awesome..... I know we all as die hard horror fans have our opinions and ideas, my main issue is so much not with Zombie as it is with all the remakes. I am tired off everyone saying the younger audiences need their own version to keep the story alive. Wrong.... In most cases except the Chainsaw redux it just flaws the originals and it makes me sick. There is a reason that the classics are classics. They will stand the test of time no matter when they were made. Most the people I have talked to that have never seen JC's Halloween but have seen Zombie's end up wathing JC's and say oh Zombies was better cause they are mostly just fans of his music or they just think that the original isn't scary and kinda cheesy cause its so old. These are the people I tell are not true fans, in my opinion. But fans are fans, trying to argue with who likes what and why is like trying to argue who's religion is better and why. Does make for intresting discussions though.
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