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HorrorBid Exclusive Interview 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 2's' Mark Patton Speaks!

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HorrorBid Exclusive Interview 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 2's' Mark Patton Speaks!

New postby Matt_Molgaard » Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:15 pm

Mark Patton may not be a name the general audience recognizes. However, those who remain fixated with the horror genre may very well know the name. Mark portrayed the focal protagonist in the second A Nightmare on Elm Street film, Jesse Walsh.

Although Mark dropped from radar for quite some time, he’s kept himself quite busy. The man not only has some personal business endeavors underway, he’ll also be returning to the biz soon. To get an idea of what Mr. Patton has been up to the last twenty plus years, check out this brief interview he and I conducted. But before you get into this, let me just issue some quick gratitude; We here are at Horrorbid are honored to have the chance to juggle a brief conversation!


Matt Molgaard/Horrorbid: First off Mark, let’s talk about A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Did you have any idea, or feeling for that matter that the franchise was going to become something special?

Mark Patton: I knew from the beginning that I was in a very special movie...although I am surprised at the response all these years later.

HB: At the time you shot the film you were relatively inexperienced. How challenging was it being one of two focal performers to carry the film?

MP: In point of fact I was quite experienced having just come from New York where I had a nice Broadway career, had made hundreds of commercials had made a few films, one with the esteemed Film Auteur Robert Altman (Come Back to the 5 and Dime Jimmy Dean, jimmy Dean..New York film Festival, Golden Lion, Cannes film Festival).

HB: I’ve met Robert Englund on a few occasions, and he’s always been a really nice guy to chat with. What was it like working with him, and were you ever intimidated by the situation of sharing scenes with this guy who’s all decked out in hideous make-up and a crazy bladed glove?

MP: Robert Englund and I are very good friends… I enjoyed his work before NOES2 going all the way back to his work in Buster and Billie in the 1970s.

HB: Do you still keep in contact with anyone from the film?

MP: Kim Myers and I are quite good friends and travel together often. The NOES family is very close so most of the folks are friends and we do tour together.

HB: Do you still get recognized as “Jesse” when you’re out and about, and how active are you in the convention scene?

MP: I am know as Jesse the World over, as I do tour for NOES2 around the globe. I am very active on the convention circuit, with most of the monies earned donated to the Trevor Project.

HB: What are you doing nowadays?

MP: I own an Art Gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I live with my partner Hector Morales Mondragon.


HB: Any chance you’d ever contemplate a return to the big screen, if the circumstances were right?

MP: I leave for Berlin on Novenmber 19 to begin filming the lead in a new film NIGHT. I am directing along with the people who brought you Never Sleep Again, a new documentary.

HB: Anything you’d like to say to your long-time fans out there?

MP: Say hello on Facebook; it is all there!

Editor note: I'll include Mark's direct Facebook page link as soon as my computer decides to function properly (having some FB issues at the moment)
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